Working With Friends

How to Request Our Nonprofit Services for Seminole County Children

Seminole County Friends of Abused Children (SCFAC) offers many nonprofit services to support abused, neglected, abandoned and at-risk children throughout Seminole County. These children have been removed from an abusive situation and are living in either foster care or relative placements.

Before requesting our services, please check our resource list to see other nonprofits that may be more appropriate as first steps to offer support.

Disadvantaged Children and Youth Programs Offered

Tutoring Program: This program provides in-home tutoring to those who have been displaced and are falling behind in school or have been deprived of the opportunity to attend school.

YES Program (Youth Exploring Sports): This program gives children the opportunity to play organized sports by funding registration and required equipment. It includes classes for other interests such as yoga, martial arts and fitness programs.

YEA Program (Youth Exploring the Arts): This cultural-enrichment program financially assists children who demonstrate an interest or talent in the arts (art, music, drama and dance). This program helps pay for classes, lessons and the purchase of equipment.

Bridge to Independence: This young-adult program provides support to those individuals who have aged out of foster care and are on their own. We assist with bus passes, household items, rent deposits and supplement needs for education.

Miscellaneous Support: We provide supplemental support for goods and services that are not included in the basic state and federal funding for children. This includes clothing, shoes, school supplies, counseling/therapy, summer camp and gifts.

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