Faith Shorthouse


Faith Shorthouse is President of Seminole County Friends of Abused Children, Inc. Faith has been with the organization since 2001. Under her leadership programming has been expanded to include opportunities to the children for sports, arts and music, tutoring and Bridge to Independence for the young adults aging out of foster care. Prior to this role Faith held positions in the organization as Secretary, Treasurer and Grant Administrator.

Previously she served as a volunteer Guardian ad Litem, joined the staff of the Seminole County GAL Program as a Case Manager and Supervisor of volunteer GALs.

Faith’s 20+ years in child advocacy has confirmed her belief that having a significant caring adult in their life and the opportunity to develop emotionally, academically, physically and culturally, their lives can change, one child at a time.

Faith holds a certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from Rollins College Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership Center.

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