Jim Hill


Jim Hill has been retired for ten years. He has four children and fourteen grandchildren. He wanted to stay busy in retirement. Volunteering is his choice to keep active. Organizations that help Children in need are his area of interest.

Jim attended Wichita State University in his home town of Wichita Kansas and attended Seminole Community College in Florida.

Before retiring after 30 years Jim was sales and marketing manager for Florida Cooling Supply. He worked his way up to that position by working as a territory salesman, branch manager, regional manager, and operations manager.

Jim volunteered at Kid’s House for over a year. One of his duties was assistant to the grant writer.

Currently he is a Guardian ad Litem for Seminole County. He is still active with cases and plans to continue. He also participates in the Guardian ad Litem Information Nights assisting the recruiter in answering questions from the Volunteer Child Advocate view.


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